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Hundreds of thousands of incurable patients hailing from India & abroad who had been for the last 25 to 30 years, suffering from Thyroid, Bardness, White spots, Sorraious, Epilepsy, Mental retardation, TB Glands, Jaundice, Leprosy, Blindness, Kidney disorders, Liver disorders, Depression, Blood Pressure, Heart Problem, Sinus, Slip Disk, Elephantitis, Arthritis, Loosing Memory, Cervical Adenitis, Chronic Headache, Cervical and Lumber Spondolysis, Vitiligo or Leucoderma, Pus discharge from ear, Anodes, Cyst (Swelling and Fluid inside) Excessive Bleeding in females, Piles etc. and were under treatment of renowned Hospitals in India & abroad, were deeply disappointed & helpless because no treatment or remedy cured or even provided any relief to them even after putting in huge amount of Money & Time.

All these people on their own request, took holy water from Baba Shri Radha Krishna Ji himself & 90% of them get completely healed within 21 days. Baba ji does not charge anything for the holy water and this social service attracts thousands of people at spiritual city Haridwar daily.

Taking advantage of Baba ji’s goodwill some bad elements started cheating the patients. To take notice of this baba ji has decided to change the way to serve the people. On the midnight of 12 feb. 2010 VIZ Mahashivratri by the grace of almighty Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, Baba ji has changed his outlook, he has started a Jan Chikitsalya (Homeopathic Hospital) on 21 of March 2010. Where incurable patients will be treated by the most able homeopathic Doctors. The registration fee is very nominal and will cover all three cycles, Registration, Medicines etc.

Like earlier Baba Shri Radha Krishna ji will offer Holy water in THREE Cycles (Phases). Every cycle (Phase) is of seven days duration each lasting for 21 days. The first Cycle if of the Param Brahma, Secong cycle is of Guru & the third and the last cycle is of Ooraja (Energy). A patient has to take holy water from Baba Shri Radha Krishna ji on all the three cycle & has to absent from taking all types of Meat, Wine, Pickles, Eggs, Onion, Garlic for 21 days.

Important :

  1. Atheist or those who do not believe in God or religion should not call on Baba ji, they would not benefit at all.
  2. You should not visit Baba ji until you are absolutely convinced & have enquired about Baba ji’s credentials from those incurable patients who took Holy Water at the hand of Baba ji personally & got completely healed & are now leading a perfectly normal & healthy life. Never believe hearsay and visit Baba ji. It would be unwise to visit Baba ji without having faith or belief.
  3. Only those incurable patients who have undergone all kinds of treatments without any avail and are totally without hope, should visit Baba ji for divine healing with the blessings of the All mighty.

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